Colour-Icon-banner.pngWelcome to SportExamined. We are here to provide an independent source of news, feature & information from the world of sport. Our aim is to bring balanced and inventive discussion, separate from the bias of newspapers and the constant breaking news of sports channels. We want to create stories that question the norm; and make you think.

To create this, our stories draw from a range of contributors. This could feature academics offering seasoned analysis, to students creating their first story. We also provide valuable insight from people with professional sporting occupations to journalists working in their own space, outside the modus operandi.

All our stories, features and content are 100% original, and brought to you, the reader, so you can discover the often-undocumented, wider underbelly of sport. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy creating.

Background Information

Born in Manchester, in early 2018, SportExamined is the brainchild of a small team of ambitious Master Degree students and graduates. Our vision is to bring information from the wider world of sport and deliver it in one accessible platform to people in all walks of life.

Currently, people consume information and news from sport in a variety of ways; from the traditional area of academic journals, books & newspapers, to the modern craze of magazines, websites, blogs or social media accounts. We want to create a single space where readers and sports fan can access all of this from a diverse collection of contributors.rfrerrgr.png

Our only rule is that we go beyond the gossip and regulation of traditional sport news sites. League tables, fixtures and match reports won’t be published here, unless there is a deeper story behind it.

It is essential to us that all our contributors are involved in sport, either through a professional occupation, or are studying towards a journalistic qualification. Although we encourage creativity from our authors, no piece will be published by the SportsExamined team until it has the editor’s full approval. We want our content to be written with freedom, and to cover a whole host of topics. However, it also important to us that no ethical lines and boundaries are crossed.

We hope this single platform will be of interest to you, either as a player, writer, coach, or simply a fan of sport. Our multi-disciplined and varied approach is there to make the world of sport come to life on the page in front of you.